Product Features

HotelIQ’s award-winning Analytics, Forecasting & Data Management capabilities provide you with the means to gain true hotel intelligence- a better understanding of your business.


Optimize your performance across the board.

Whether it’s Pickup, Pace, Market Mix, Booking Channel, Feeder Market, Room Type, Loyalty Membership or more; HotelIQ gives you the intelligence you need to drive your organization forward. Reports allow you to drill-down and filter at the most granular levels of your customized data hierarchies. Dashboards feature rich, intuitive and highly-interactive visualizations.


Faster, easier, and more accurate.

No matter how you forecast, HotelIQ FBA (Forecasting & Budgeting Application) has a solution for you. Quickly and easily create Forecast & Budget baselines using granular data from your PMS. Edit figures to dial-up the accuracy and save hours each week over manual spreadsheet based processes.

Data Management

No two hotels are exactly alike, and neither is their data.

Each HotelIQ client creates their own customized data hierarchies optimized for their business. This includes market segment, booking channel, room type and loyalty membership hierarchies. HotelIQ’s in-app data management capabilities allow you to manage your data quality; from rate code, corporate and travel agency profile mapping to currency conversion and more.

"HotelIQ is an intuitive, user friendly platform that allows users to seamlessly move between different points of analysis. The dashboards and visualizations allow for free format thinking and the ability to create and validate strategies in a fast paced environment."

– VP of Revenue Management and Analytics – Toronto, Canada

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