Timing an Advanced Purchase Campaign

Apr 12, 2017Business Cases0 comments

A soft period (January) is approaching and the hotel decides to offer a 20% off BAR 14-day Advance Purchase campaign to boost Transient segment (BAR, Discounts, Packages, etc.) sales in advance through the website as it traditionally does.

Lead time analytics from HotelIQ reveal that the prime booking window for stays in January is actually between 15-90 days. Without this intelligence provided by HotelIQ, the hotel would have proceeded with the 14-Day Advance Purchase campaign strategy as it has done every year and, as a result, traded-down 20% of its revenues within the prime booking window of each arrival day in January.

Without understanding the real prime booking windows through Lead Time analytics at the most granular levels of data, a hotel will never be able to precisely time its campaigns in a way that creates no trade-down of revenues but renders the highest possible return.

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